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This is one of the funnest episodes that we produced. Bane is in the middle of a construction zone, which explains the outtake (organic comedy, right?) Those that joined us were a riot, and did a great job of not spoiling what’s coming up. Check out YODO the series, when it becomes available.

On Georgia, “Religious Freedom,” and Horror

Last week on the podcast, we talked about Georgia, “Religious Freedom,” and what it could mean for the horror community.


Yesterday,  Georgia governor Nathan Deal vetoed their state’s “Religious Liberty” bill.  Why would this be news on a horror website? Because Disney and Marvel threatened to take their business elsewhere, and AMC announced that if the bill passed, “The Walking Dead” would no longer be filmed in Georgia.


Thankfully, the bill did not pass. I’m not speaking as someone involved in the LGBTQ community, but as a free market Libertarian. Why did we need this law to begin with?

According to supporters of the bill, it “simply protects pastors, churches, and faith-based organizations from being forced to violate their religious beliefs.” Bills like this have been passed in two other states, most notably, Indiana.

Supposedly, this all started because of the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case, in which Hobby Lobby wanted to be exempt from providing birth control to their female employees under the Affordable Care Act. Supporters also claim it’s to protect businesses from being sued by the LGBTQ community for denial of service.

I invoked my Libertarian (ok, more Anarchist) views in this, because I ask why we NEED legislation like this.  You can deny ANYONE service for any reason. That’s a good thing, because then, the free markets (if they were allowed to act properly) would weed out the discriminating stores.

For example, if I had an ice cream shop, and I didn’t want Muslims in my store, I can simply deny them service. However, I better hope that the people who agree with my side spend more money in my store, to cover for the business I am about to lose, or else, I’m no longer in business. Therefore, society would eventually weed me out, and I would no longer be fit to survive.

I do no support violating anyone’s religious freedoms, and yes, there should be religious exemptions, if we are to have the state control the production of health care.

I think any knee-jerk laws like this are completely stupid, no matter who the law is designed to “protect.” Good call Gov. Deal.

This week on EMZT Radio…

Calabrese sat down and talked to Bane before their concert in Vegas. We even get a few of their fans to sit down, and enjoy life with us.

CALABRESE OFFICIAL WEBSITE :  http://www.calabreserock.com/

All and all, it was a quiet week, but MJ talks about a new animated horror film “Malevolent,” and how you can help get this project finished.

Check out the pod live on EMZT Radio Sundays and Thursdays at 8 pm and 10 pm.

This Week on EMZT Radio…

Dr. Death + Mr. Vile decided to come haunt Bane and MJ this week. There’s many new exciting projects in the works for the boys, including the Mr. Vile show.


Things got a little…weird this week, MJ got pissed again, and started a small rant. However, by the end of the show we may have figured out WHY MJ’s been a wee bit cranky.  Check it out on EMZT Radio Thursday at 8, or wait on the podcast.




Wes Craven & Horror Comedies..

Bane & MJ do a short tribute to Wes Craven who passed away August 30, 2015,

and then have a good laugh at their lists of Horror Comedies that are sometimes stupid funny and also so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh..
of course, we rambled way too much for music to be squeezed in but i did put in a couple of songs that were appropriate for Wes Craven’s tribute..