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Movie Review: Monkey Farm

A Creature Feature from CatchMeKillMe Productions and director Ian Messenger..

A Found Footage film about a group of documentary filmmakers doing a film about the animal testing research that the medical field does to test out products and medicines for humanity, if it is necessary or just cruel torture to the animals.

During an interview with a doctor, he informs Film Project Leader Ryan (Zach Etter), about an actual facility near them that really did research on animals and that their project might benefit from their visiting and talking to former staff members from the facility.  This sparks the group’s interest to find the facility to get another angle of the story and an urban legend.

I was hooked by this film!  The music and the spooky sounds really help to capture a viewer of this film.  The film group characters were easy to relate with and I sympathized in their curiosity, confusion and terror.  The creep factor was dialed way up by some of the mysterious characters that the group met following the trail “down the rabbit hole”..  The makeup FX were very good and believable!  The story leads you on a ride that takes a sudden turn to fright with no way off till the end.

I give this film 4 bloody skulls for its originality of story and better execution of using cameras for found footage film making.  And the clever horror Easter eggs that can be found if you know your horror movies!  Brilliant!

I highly recommend this film to be watched!

Run time: 1hr 16mins

CatchMeKillMe Productions

Twitter: @CatchMeKillMeProd

Monkey Farm IMDB

Review: Fireside Tales

“Fireside Tales” from CatchMeKillMe Productions is a good anthology of short horror tales, as told by friends around the campfire. During the film, there are four tales, each about 10-15 minutes long, with great action. As to not give anything away, I can tell you that the first story centers around a man they call “Undertow.” I thought it had great potential to go on by itself for a while. “Undertow” has a great Jason vibe to it, and I’d love to see it made in to a full film. The second story involved a man who cuts off a girl’s face, only to face justice by the one person who should. This one had a great Leatherface vibe to it. Story number three, was a small dud, but it goes well with the movie. The bad story actually made the main plot move along, and made it more realistic. The final story is another one that I would love to see made in to a full story.

There are more twists and turns at the end of the movie, and I was thoroughly entertained. Great job by the crew at CatchMeKillMe Productions, and the director Ian Messenger. The cast was wonderful, and this is how you do a short horror anthology. I can’t wait for the wide release on this film.

Run time: Approx. 109 minutes.

Jordskott Season 2 Premieres on Shudder

Last year, AMC (owners of Shudder) acquired the rights to air the Swedish supernatural noir, Jordskott. Earlier this week, season 2 premiered on Shudder.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, the story follows Eva, a Swedish detective, who’s daughter went missing by a lake seven years prior. Josephine’s body was never found and it was presumed that she had drowned. Upon Eva’s return, a boy is missing and Eva begins to look for similarities between this disappearance and that of her daughter. At the same time, she has to deal with the death and probate of her late father and his large timber felling and processing business, Thörnblad Mineral & Cellulosa.

Over the course of the series, Eva discovers that the children’s disappearance is inextricably tangled with the conflict between local and mystical elements who desire to protect the forest and the community at large that depends on Thörnblad Mineral & Cellulosa.

This show is a complete thrill ride, and is worth checking out. I’ve only seen three episodes of season two, so far. However, I’m completely entranced by this show.

The Keys (2017)

Amanda B. Goodman is such a master of suspense build and plot twists, her new short, The Keys, delivers such an amazing talent of horror-thriller style.

Amanda’s writing style makes you immediately care about the characters you meet.  They are sympathetic and you can relate to their points of view in the short matter of time you watch them.

The story is about Sam(Seth Panman(co-writer, co-producer, co-star and co-director), a newbie real estate agent, hounded by his boss, Ian(John DiSilvestri, voice only) on the phone about closing the deal with a client, Ally(Amanda B. Goodman, writer, co-producer,co-star and co-director).  Ally is a perky quirky energetic client, who i could sense that there was something off about her, because of her weird and dark sense of humor, which she would play off in a joking manner.  Sam would just brush it off and continue with his sales tour of apartments because of his wanting to not be fired.  Knowing of Amanda’s style, you know it doesn’t end there and it will take you into dark places..

This is a mesmerizing film that kept me glued to my chair til the end!  I give this 5 out of 5 bloody hearts, for the story, character development and the TWIST that she throws in your face when you least expect it!  I highly recommend this horror-thriller gem as a MUST SEE!!

The Keys Trailer

Flesh and Blood A Go Go


Inspired by David Lynch and SOV movies like Spine, Flesh and Blood A Go! Go! follows the story of some, let’s say interesting, photographers, and a model named Kandi, who seems to be a little down on her luck, when it comes to finding jobs. After she takes this modeling job, she finds out that the shoot was much more bloodier than she imagined. All and all, this was a great film, I loved the cinematography, and the soundtrack is outstanding. Hopefully, we can contact the bands, and have their music on EMZT soon.

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The brilliant minds of Sargad did it again. Sarah Giercksky, the writer, and Xander Turian play mimes in this short film. It’s about five minutes long, and has very little dialogue. The chemistry between Sarah and Xander is wonderful, and the ending had me laughing.


You can check it out at Popcorn Short Films on Facebook. Wonderful job by all involved with this.

Islamic Exorcist Trailer


Recently, I was contacted by a man who was promoting a film called Islamic Exorcist. According to him, this film is very controversial, with the director receiving death threats. This is a great new spin on a classic genre of demonic possession. I’m intrigued, because most possession and exorcism films we see mainly deal with the Catholic Church. This one shows Islamic Exorcisms, which I would like to learn more about.

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The Original Terror of the Waters; JAWS 1975 – 1987

Last week I had the urge to watch the JAWS movie series, since it was available on NetFlix..

The whole series is about this rogue killer shark, each a different shark because the shark in each movie was destroyed, I mean not just stabbed or anything, but blown to bits, except part 2, that one was electrocuted to the point it was on fire..

The movies also centered on the Brody family, which is not so strange since they seem to be the ones to kill the shark in every movie.  But how do those sharks know who those people are and why would it seek such revenge on that family..??

Police Chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) was in the first 2 movies and came up with some great lines before the shark was destroyed..  like; “Smile, you son of a bitch!” and “Open Wide!  SAY AHHHHH!”

Movies 3 & 4 were about their sons, 3 was “located” in Florida at Sea World of all places and 4 was in the Caribbean.

JAWS 3 was 3-D (1983).  The early 80s is when 3-D vision was being used in horror film, to add more of a scare effect in the movie theaters, you see something practically jumping out from the screen and at your face, the scare factor is high.  Friday the 13th Part 3 was 3-D the year before.

The series ends with Jaws:The Revenge (Part 4).  The Shark kills the youngest Brody son, Sean, who was a police deputy for Amity Island.  It jumped up at his police boat, ripping off his arm and then a second chomp, pulls him under the water.  Ellen Brody, the mom and former Chief Brody’s widow, said that Chief Brody died of a heart attack, Ellen says it was the fear of the shark and water that killed him.

Mike Brody, oldest son is living in the Caribbean and brings his mom to stay with them to help her over the grief of losing her son.  There’s an ominous feeling she has, thinking, dreaming and knowing that the Shark is following her.  Of course, she’s right, the Shark does come after the remaining family, even the little 5 year old granddaughter.  But the Brodys team up and destroy that Shark again, proving that love of family and having the will to not give in to the fear of impending super natural doom, will win the day..

I noticed that these movies had to have a happy ending.  The Shark had to be destroyed because Man has to be the dominant species on the planet, if super nature wins out, then people will be too afraid to live their lives.

These movies were during a time that practical effects were used.  No CGIs or computer video effects trickery.  They used some actual shark film footage and of course, had the largest animatronic shark built to scare the hell out of us.

When the first Jaws movie came out in my hometown in 1975, nobody went into the water or were even at the beaches during the whole month of June.  It scared everyone that badly.   And that makes me smile thinking about that  a movie about a killer shark, would keep people from going swimming.

My hometown also was the place where they filmed Piranha 3D in 2010 about those killer prehistoric piranhas that ate Jerry O’ Connell’s penis and some springbreakers too.


FEED THE BLACK , a short silent film by Klayton Dean, is an amazing almost psychedelic voyage into the other side when a young woman kills herself because of her overwhelming grief of her mother passing away..

The eerie, creepy music does drive the viewer to stay in their seat to give their full 100% attention to watch the film.  It’s hard to look away with the music keeping you locked into watch this film.

The film starts off in bright colors before the girl dies and then after she wakes up after dying, the colors are more muted and very dreamlike quality, with  overlapping occult and religious images that freak you out a bit as they flash in your face, to keep you off balance and unsure of what will happen next and you can almost feel the confusion of the girl as she travels deeper into this mysterious realm..

The scenery and locations around the remote areas of UK are beautiful and give the film even more ominous feeling to this unknown journey in death.

it is 32 mins of sadness, wonder, confusion, fear and mystery..

i recommend that you all watch this amazing work, it’s worth the time and you can see the incredible talent of a director who takes film making to a very different level!

Seriously, don’t watch Fright Night 2 (2013)

Silly, idiotic, curious me, always has a need to watch movies i’m told not to watch..  because sometimes those who tell me not to watch them are wrong..

but not this time..

this had popped up on Netflix as a recent add and i thought, let’s see what kind of story for a second movie of the Fright Night remake has in mind..

so i’m pretty sure this was a direct to video kind of movie and it’s not a sequel to the remake..  in fact, it’s a reboot of the remake..  it’s the same characters, different cast, and a brand new story of them meeting up with vampires, like they have not gone thru any vampire related at all..  WTF??  why the hell is is called Part 2 then??  i’m not sure..  and Jerry Dandridge is Gerri Dandridge and a woman, who is an art history professor at a university in Romania, that Charlie, “Evil” Ed and Amy go to..  in one of their classes it was discussed that Bram Stoker got Dracula wrong because Dracula was actually a..  woman..  ????  and so the hilarity ensues..

Peter Vincent is a paranormal reality star, who stages all his effects and meetings with “supernatural” creatures for FRIGHT NIGHT and he’s a complete coward..  even tho at the very end of the movie he does save the day..

Gerri Dandridge is Elizabeth Bathory, who was placed under a curse that she will be a night stalking vampire until she drinks the blood of a virgin who was born at midnight under a blood moon, then she will be able to walk in the daylight and still be a vampire..  she has a pool of blood that she keeps draining female victims’ blood into and she submerges herself in it for a while and she comes out young and beautiful because in her true form, she is an old ugly hag..

of course, Amy is the destined virgin..

ok.. ok.. given the modern times, the FX are very good, with lots of bloody gore all over the place..  thumbs up for that..

Gerri is a bit too cheery as a vampire..  she’s always smiling and always says such lines that refer to sexual innuendo or cryptic vampire..  and she has a sonar ability that helps her find her prey in tunnels..

i really am kicking myself for wasting my time watching this movie..  but it was really filmed in Bucharest Romania, so that’s another thumbs up for that..

i implore you..  DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE!