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Women in Horror Month : Bex Martz-Burley, Demon Monkey Craft

Demon Monkey Craft


Bex Martz-Burley is a part of community of Horror Artists that make Horror Cross Stitch Art!

She creates a variety of cross stitch art using a program called PC Cross Stitch to help create her horror art patterns.  She has been working on her craft for about 10 years.  Using her horror creative imagination with a lot of time and patience, she creates amazing horror art that any horror fan would love to own.  She is even willing to do all types of custom orders to accommodate a customer’s interests.

She also wanted to share her love of horror cross stitching with the world by writing a book that is basically a how-to guide to learn how to cross stitch and how to make your own cross stitch art.   The book is titled, “Evil Dead 2: The Book of the Thread“, from Source Point Press.  Publication is estimated for early Spring of 2018!  Be sure to keep an eye out for this book!

Source Point Press Facebook

@SourcePtPress  on Twitter


One of her art pieces, “Correcting the Bible”, in in a gallery showing in Los Angeles California at the Hive Gallery from February 3-25 for Stitch Fetish 6!  It is for sell as well as for viewing with other great art from other artists.

The Hive Gallery Stitch Fetish 6


Please do check out Bex’s Art work!  I know you’ll find something you will love to have for your Horror Art collection!


Demon Monkey Craft

Demon Monkey Craft Etsy

Demon Monkey Craft Facebook

Twitter: @demonmonkeybex

PS…  I bought the enamel pin of the Demon Monkey Craft logo on it because it’s just too adorable to pass up!





It’s Time for Women In Horror Month!

i found this great website that does help “encourage supporters to learn about and showcase the underrepresented work of the women in the horror industries.  Whether they are on the screen, behind the scenes, or contributing in their other various artistic ways, it is clear that women love, appreciate, and contribute to the horror genre.”


and i guess that does apply to me, as well, since i am part of a horror podcast, that does help promote independent horror projects, artists, filmmakers and such.

check out this website to help give you ideas on how you can get involved or participate in events to celebrate how women have contributed to the horror genre.


Captured Unveils 2 New Posters


While we don’t know  much about this film, yet, Captured, has well…captured my imagination (pun intended). If we can make any guesses on what this film will be about, it looks something similar to Shudder. I’m excited to see where this movie takes us in October.


Check out their Facebook page.

YODO IS HERE!! or as they say, “YODO, BITCHES!”


The wait is finally over!  As of May 30, 2017, YOU ONLY DIE ONCE the Series, premiered on YouTube!  All of Season 1 has been released from the vaults by the very creative Amanda B. Goodman and her amazingly talented cast and crew!

Season 1 is six fang-tastic episodes, each under 20 mins.  The way they are edited can leave you in desperation for the next episode to see what happens next.  The Vampire Hunter world that Amanda B. Goodman has imagined is mostly about loyalty to each other and that things are not always what they seem.  In fact, I had my “titties twisted” by the mind-boggling events that drew me in deep into the YODO world.

Cecilia, the impetuous hunter, always going for the kill before anyone else can act and doesn’t always succeed.  Linda, the mean bitch, can stop everyone in their tracks by one of her mean quips and sour face, she also doesn’t like people very much and if she doesn’t know you, she doesn’t want you to hang on her, “OK, Lou!”.  Jamie, is the comic relief, awkward socializer and heart of the group but deadly with her crossbow, “Kristy”.  This trio of female vampire hunters have been lifelong friends since early grade school and have also been training in vampire hunting since they were children too.    They have more hunter friends that help them out; Ann, Rufus’ girlfriend and a very snarky hunter who can be very kind and caring to her hunter family and can match Linda in the sarcasm department.  Rufus, Ann’s boyfriend turned vampire(from the short film) and Linda’s step brother, who can go “undercover” to vampire events but also helps protect his hunter friends, even though he forgets that garlic chips he can no longer have because it burns him.

Season 1 has more of a tragic backstory for Cecilia who’s favorite uncle was killed years ago, by a vicious female vampire, as she was told.  Vera, sired Rufus in the short film, and she becomes the target of their hunt.

YODO is addictive and mesmerizing and kept me glued to my seat for almost 2 hours.  I love it!  I’m hooked and I want more!!  Now I’m waiting for Season 2!!  I give YODO 10 out of 10 fangs and can’t wait to see what else Amanda B. Goodman and her crew can do!


You Only Die Once The Series

You Only Die Once The Series FaceBook

A Serbian Film, Director’s Cut?


When you think about the most controversial horror films of all-time, two films top just about everyone’s lists, Cannibal Holocaust and A Serbian Film. There are horror fans that have seen the former, but refuse to watch the later. Who could blame them? While the film did try too hard to be controversial, most horror fans can handle most of the themes in A Serbian Film, except for the pedophilia.

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Karen Stever Announces New Book Series

Karen Stever, good friend of the show, and outstanding musician, has announced she is making a book series based on Playground Isolator and Idiot Savant. From Karen’s website:

I have been working on the first novel between having to make a “real living” for the better part of this year. However, this month, on a British radio station, I announced that I was bringing up seven of these children at the same time.
What is that? Septuplets? It’s just a boatload of diapers to change at once. Whatever.
The only way I can do this properly is to do it totally from my gut. I am not looking to write something ‘light’ or soothing bed-time stories.
I am going to be launching its own website, ’cause it is going to get crowded here really quickly!
I hope you will follow along with my journey. I will update as often as I can.

Love you all,

Soon, we will have Karen back on the show to discuss her project. As fans of hers, we are excited to watch her take over another medium, with her wonderful words, and hopeful tones. We highly suggest that you pick up Playground Isolator and Idiot Savant today, if you have not done so.

New Marketing Agency that Rocks!


Our band friends, CALABRESE, has done a lot on their own; from producing their own music, supplying and maintaining their webstore, booking their own gigs and promoting their band..

but now, they have started a new business to help other creative entrepreneurs,  CALABRESE MARKETING!


It’s a new social media marketing agency!  Since they’ve learned how social media has helped promote their band, they want to help others achieve success in their businesses or creative endeavors too..

Our mission is to support people, products and services that we believe in. We are dedicated to helping those with BIG DREAMS to achieve success in the marketplace through a targeted social media strategy.

Please, go to their new website and check out the services that they offer for very reasonable rates and let CALABRESE help you make your dreams come true!