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Matt Jordan

Review: Fireside Tales

“Fireside Tales” from CatchMeKillMe Productions is a good anthology of short horror tales, as told by friends around the campfire. During the film, there are four tales, each about 10-15 minutes long, with great action. As to not give anything away, I can tell you that the first story centers around a man they call “Undertow.” I thought it had great potential to go on by itself for a while. “Undertow” has a great Jason vibe to it, and I’d love to see it made in to a full film. The second story involved a man who cuts off a girl’s face, only to face justice by the one person who should. This one had a great Leatherface vibe to it. Story number three, was a small dud, but it goes well with the movie. The bad story actually made the main plot move along, and made it more realistic. The final story is another one that I would love to see made in to a full story.

There are more twists and turns at the end of the movie, and I was thoroughly entertained. Great job by the crew at CatchMeKillMe Productions, and the director Ian Messenger. The cast was wonderful, and this is how you do a short horror anthology. I can’t wait for the wide release on this film.

Run time: Approx. 109 minutes.

Escape Room

With the increasing popularity of escape rooms, you knew it was only a matter of time before someone made a horror film based on them. Folks, that time is now. Bessy Adut’s feature length debut will be called “Escape Room,” and this one looks like it could be fun with a great message.

Here’s the Indiegogo video for “Escape Room”:

They are currently looking for $5000 in funding, and have nearly made that goal. There are some great perks on the site, and we will be giving to this project. Please, take the time to watch the video, and head over to donate to this worthwhile project. We hope to have Bessy on to talk about this in the near future, so keep your eyes open.

Grave Intentions Announce “Grave Intentions Short Film & Screenplay Contest”

Our friends with Grave Intentions have announced their short film and screenplay contest. From their site,

As filmmakers and screenwriters ourselves, we know that outside of the film festival circuit, most shorts will die a lonely death in the bowels of the interwebs. So we’re helping amazing shorts get the audience they deserve with “Grave Intentions: An Anthology of Chills, Thrills, and Kills.”

The ten winners of the contest will receive $500, and their films will be part of the Grave Intentions Anthology for worldwide distribution.

Also, for Women in Horror month, there’s a special promo code: GRAVEWOMEN

This will get you 50% off when you submit.

From the press release we received from Grave Intentions

One winning screenplay will get $500, with the potential for Death Cat Entertainment to produce the script into a short film for the next volume of “Grave Intentions.” The screenplay winner will also receive a prize package from InkTip.

Deadlines and entry fees:

November 1 – December 31: $35

January 1 – January 31: $45

February 1 – February 28: $50

If you have another other questions, please head over to their website. We are excited to talk about this all year long. Good luck to everyone!

Jordskott Season 2 Premieres on Shudder

Last year, AMC (owners of Shudder) acquired the rights to air the Swedish supernatural noir, Jordskott. Earlier this week, season 2 premiered on Shudder.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, the story follows Eva, a Swedish detective, who’s daughter went missing by a lake seven years prior. Josephine’s body was never found and it was presumed that she had drowned. Upon Eva’s return, a boy is missing and Eva begins to look for similarities between this disappearance and that of her daughter. At the same time, she has to deal with the death and probate of her late father and his large timber felling and processing business, Thörnblad Mineral & Cellulosa.

Over the course of the series, Eva discovers that the children’s disappearance is inextricably tangled with the conflict between local and mystical elements who desire to protect the forest and the community at large that depends on Thörnblad Mineral & Cellulosa.

This show is a complete thrill ride, and is worth checking out. I’ve only seen three episodes of season two, so far. However, I’m completely entranced by this show.

Sarah Giercksky Launches Patreon

Our friend, and one half of the Bitches of Horror, Sarah Giercksky, has launched her Patreon. She says that this will help with her documentary on her life in horror, as well as other projects she has going. Everyone should check this out, you might remember that we have talked about Sargad in the past, and has since won numerous awards. Her, and her Bitches of Horror co-star, Jasmine Martinez, along with co-star Xander Turian are some of the driving forces behind the quickly growing Swedish horror industry. Check it out, and give to her.

Preacher Six Update 2

The Indiegogo is now live for Preacher Six. For those of you who don’t know the film,

“Preacher Six” is like “Taxi Driver” meets “Sin City” meets “The Prophesy”

This film looks like a fun ride, and check out the video on the site, just to get you a bit more excited. Head on over and help them out. We’ll have Kyle Hester on this weekend to talk about the film, and maybe even future projects.

Halloween Looking for Extras

Are you in the Charleston, SC area? Want to be in the Halloween reboot?


You are in luck. The casting agency for the new installment of Halloween have announced they are resuming shooting next week, and they need extras. According to Hilton Head’s Island Packet:The casting agency in charge of finding extras for the much-anticipated movie posted on Facebook that filming will start this week, with a scene involving a large number of high school students taking place on Saturday.

Read more here: http://www.islandpacket.com/entertainment/movies-news-reviews/article193549354.html#storylink=cpy

So, if you ever want to be in a movie, now is your chance. Get out there.

Preacher Six Update


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It looks like the groundhouse film, Preacher Six is back fundraising. In 5 days, they will launch a new Indiegogo campaign, and we cannot wait to see if we can get Kyle D. Hester back on the show to talk about it. Once we have more details, we will share it with you. Until then, enjoy the trailer: