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Phone: (720) 437-7801
E-Mail: emztradio@gmail.com


Matt “MJ” Jordan is from Florence, South Carolina. He is a veteran of 13 years in the radio industry, producing and co-hosting numerous sports and news talk programs. He is currently a student at Colorado Technical University, studying his MBA in International Fiance. Matt received his Bachelor’s in Communication (Public Relations) from Ashford University in 2014.




Bane is from Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  She previously worked with her cousin’s radio show “Early Morning Zombie Time” (EMZT RADIO) at Humboldt State University as a volunteer radio staff  for 9 years and also worked in a small market radio station for 3 years mostly on their sports station as a board operator.  Devilynn, Bane’s cousin, moved to Germany to pursue her DJ career  for the underground goth/vampire club scene.  She gave Bane permission to resurrect EMZT RADIO for her own uses..  MJ wanted to do a podcast show and Bane offered EMZT RADIO to be brought back to the airwaves..    Bane does work with the music side, going thru VampireFreaks.com, to find dark independent or unsigned bands who would like to have their musics heard.    She is currently a student of Ultimate Medical Academy(UMA) online for Medical Administration Assistant.  She also graduated with certification in Phlebotomy at Mohave Community College in 2011.   Bane has extensive collection of horror & scifi movies that could make Blockbuster weep with envy, and has a basic affinity for the horror genre since she was a young child and first watched Bela Lugosi’s DRACULA!
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