Review: Fireside Tales

“Fireside Tales” from CatchMeKillMe Productions is a good anthology of short horror tales, as told by friends around the campfire. During the film, there are four tales, each about 10-15 minutes long, with great action. As to not give anything away, I can tell you that the first story centers around a man they call “Undertow.” I thought it had great potential to go on by itself for a while. “Undertow” has a great Jason vibe to it, and I’d love to see it made in to a full film. The second story involved a man who cuts off a girl’s face, only to face justice by the one person who should. This one had a great Leatherface vibe to it. Story number three, was a small dud, but it goes well with the movie. The bad story actually made the main plot move along, and made it more realistic. The final story is another one that I would love to see made in to a full story.

There are more twists and turns at the end of the movie, and I was thoroughly entertained. Great job by the crew at CatchMeKillMe Productions, and the director Ian Messenger. The cast was wonderful, and this is how you do a short horror anthology. I can’t wait for the wide release on this film.

Run time: Approx. 109 minutes.

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