Women in Horror Month : Bex Martz-Burley, Demon Monkey Craft

Demon Monkey Craft


Bex Martz-Burley is a part of community of Horror Artists that make Horror Cross Stitch Art!

She creates a variety of cross stitch art using a program called PC Cross Stitch to help create her horror art patterns.  She has been working on her craft for about 10 years.  Using her horror creative imagination with a lot of time and patience, she creates amazing horror art that any horror fan would love to own.  She is even willing to do all types of custom orders to accommodate a customer’s interests.

She also wanted to share her love of horror cross stitching with the world by writing a book that is basically a how-to guide to learn how to cross stitch and how to make your own cross stitch art.   The book is titled, “Evil Dead 2: The Book of the Thread“, from Source Point Press.  Publication is estimated for early Spring of 2018!  Be sure to keep an eye out for this book!

Source Point Press Facebook

@SourcePtPress  on Twitter


One of her art pieces, “Correcting the Bible”, in in a gallery showing in Los Angeles California at the Hive Gallery from February 3-25 for Stitch Fetish 6!  It is for sell as well as for viewing with other great art from other artists.

The Hive Gallery Stitch Fetish 6


Please do check out Bex’s Art work!  I know you’ll find something you will love to have for your Horror Art collection!


Demon Monkey Craft

Demon Monkey Craft Etsy

Demon Monkey Craft Facebook

Twitter: @demonmonkeybex

PS…  I bought the enamel pin of the Demon Monkey Craft logo on it because it’s just too adorable to pass up!



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