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April 2017

A Fallout Tabletop Game?


As many of our EMZT fans know, I am all about Fallout. I own Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4, along with a ton of Fallout merch. However, I would love to see a tabletop Fallout game, that would give me more control over the Sole Survivor, or the Lone Wanderer. Well, at least my wants may have been answered.

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Islamic Exorcist Trailer


Recently, I was contacted by a man who was promoting a film called Islamic Exorcist. According to him, this film is very controversial, with the director receiving death threats. This is a great new spin on a classic genre of demonic possession. I’m intrigued, because most possession and exorcism films we see mainly deal with the Catholic Church. This one shows Islamic Exorcisms, which I would like to learn more about.

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Zombiepalooza Radio LIVE!

One of the newer podcasts that I am enjoying is Zombiepalooza Radio. They are similar to EMZT, but have some great content for their five hour weekly shows. They bring on great authors, musicians, convention owners, and anyone in the horror life. When I first started watching on YouTube, I was instantly hooked, and completely entertained. Here’s a sample episode:


As you can see, this is a very entertaining podcast, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

I Bleed Indie

If you are a fan of horror, then one of your bookmarks should be I Bleed Indie. This is a Pay-Per-View site dedicated to independent horror.


From the website:


IBleedIndie is a PPV website dedicated to indie horror. Many indie horror film makers choose to distribute their films independently rather than dealing with distribution companies or sales agents. This option severely limits their VOD options, narrowing it down to personal Youtube or Vimeo channels. This site is designed with self distribution in mind, although we do also have a good few films from amazing indie friendly companies like Wild Eye, Artsploitation, Brinkvision, SGL, and more! We allow indie film makers to keep 90% of the sales from rentals on this site and they get to keep all rights to their films rather than being locked into years-long contracts. If you love indie horror, be sure to check out our parent company, theblood-shed.com, one of the best indie horror-focused news sites out there! Stay scary and support independent film makers! ~Johnny Macabre

I am a fan of The Blood Shed, with great news on independent horror films. It’s one of the best sites on the internet. So, please, head over to both The Blood Shed and I Bleed Indie today, and help give back to the horror community. Let’s keep horror sane, support these wonderful sites.

EMZT Radio: YODO The Series


This is one of the funnest episodes that we produced. Bane is in the middle of a construction zone, which explains the outtake (organic comedy, right?) Those that joined us were a riot, and did a great job of not spoiling what’s coming up. Check out YODO the series, when it becomes available.