New camera for EMZT YouTube!

BoomDoom and i bought a new Kodak Pix Pro camera to start helping do videos for the EMZT RADIO YouTube Horror Channel..

i’ve playing around with it, trying to figure out how to use it and all its functions and for the first video, learned how to do basic editing and putting in some music, did a basic intro and credits page and then mixed it all together..

our first video shoot was several smaller videos that i figured out how to put together to make an almost 7min video..

i’m pretty proud of my first time in the video editing, it’s not the greatest but it’s not bad either..  BoomDoom is nervous in front of the camera, but if i help direct him and ask him questions like we do for his podcast, then he seems to get comfortable after a while..  when he talks about a topic he’s interested in, he can make it sound so cool..

i’m using windows live movie maker, which is pretty easy to figure out, but i’m already wanting more stuff on there to make the editing more horror related..

please do check out our video and give a like, comment and share about our video..

Thank You!  there will be more to come!


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