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August 2016

New Marketing Agency that Rocks!


Our band friends, CALABRESE, has done a lot on their own; from producing their own music, supplying and maintaining their webstore, booking their own gigs and promoting their band..

but now, they have started a new business to help other creative entrepreneurs,  CALABRESE MARKETING!


It’s a new social media marketing agency!  Since they’ve learned how social media has helped promote their band, they want to help others achieve success in their businesses or creative endeavors too..

Our mission is to support people, products and services that we believe in. We are dedicated to helping those with BIG DREAMS to achieve success in the marketplace through a targeted social media strategy.

Please, go to their new website and check out the services that they offer for very reasonable rates and let CALABRESE help you make your dreams come true!




A new Indiegogo campaign of a fresh new original series from the  short film, by Amanda B. Goodman that won the 2016 Silver Award from The Spotlight Independent Horror Film Awards!

You Only Die Once The Movie

This new series is about 3 lifelong best friends, Cecelia, Linda & Jamie, who are vampire hunters and the way they deal with hunting vampires and dealing with each other..

It’s a horror comedy along the vein of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and ASH VS EVIL DEAD but more female driven story and cast, with a lot of snarky wit and biting humor and lots of blood and gore..  (yes, puns are intended! LOL!)

The short film is absolutely brilliant and very well done that you immediately are hooked on the characters and what they will do in their vampire situations..

We love this new project and adore the short film!  Please  go to their Indiegogo page and help them make this series happen because we need more female empowered series that the women can kick ass and be the heroes!  You will love it!

You Only Die Once Indiegogo




New Indiegogo project from Award Winning Short Filmmaker Emma Dark, SALIENT MINUS TEN !

SALIENT MINUS TEN is about  Adam Harper, an average man. And on an average day he suddenly finds himself catapulted into the strangest, reality changing game… A game of time and chance, where the stakes are a matter of life and death.

Emma is a wonderfully talented writer & actress of the  horror, sci-fi and fantasy genre.

Her previous short film, SEIZE THE NIGHT, was a success on the short film circuit and online release.   An amazing vampire film that has her kicking ass as a vampire trying to survive being hunted by her own coven and the werewolf packs and she’s also wanting revenge..



Emma is very passionate about her latest project, SALIENT MINUS TEN, and we are very excited about this project and we are so happy to tell everyone about this.

Please go to her Indiegogo page and help make this project happen!


I even bought the T-shirt!




This is the start of N.L. Munn’s DEMENTED VISION series. SHADOWS was given a BEST IN BLOOD award by Horror Addicts!

AMAZON Synopsis:   “On a blustery night, a group of strangers are brought together by a mysterious horror author. Follow the group down a rabbit hole of twisted terror as they learn about worlds beyond imagination. Reality and fantasy collide, culminating in twists, turns, and visuals that can’t be missed.

It’s a wild and terrifying read full of very descriptive visual style of creatures and places that can be found in the depths of madness, terror and pure evil  in the darkness of ones’ nightmares.

Nathanael walks you on a tour that starts into the unknown and then the world drops out from under your feet and you don’t know if you will make it back to the safety of your room, until you get to the end.   The visual images he describes, you can’t help but be fascinated by their beauty and repugnance.

I highly recommend that you buy this book and let yourself take this journey into the depths of darkness and nightmares.  You will enjoy it!

I truly did!


AMAZON Paperback




Sorry for my absence..

I’m sorry that i haven’t been podcasting the last couple of weeks..

as the daytime caregiver for my mother with frontal temporal dementia, you have to take it one day at a time with anything..  and sometimes my podcasting gets put on hold..

my baby sister who lives in Florida came out for a week long visit, i had to drop everything and work at cleaning up my Mom’s room for Liz to stay in, it was an all day project just picking up stuff that Mom had hidden around and under the bed and vacuuming under and around the bed, which hadn’t been done in months..  Mom is a hoarder and likes to have her room crowded with items that normally get thrown in the trash or put away in a closet somewhere and she used to hide food in her bed..  Dad just couldn’t do this on his own, so i had to help..  Amazingly enough Mom didn’t get mad when we were cleaning up her room a bit, she just watched..  so that took up all my time that i couldn’t make it to podcast.   Then the next Thursday was the last day Liz was here so we were all chatting about what to do for the last day before she flew back to Florida..  it was an all afternoon event of Liz driving around town stopping at various stores and we had brought home pizza for the family and then later went for some frozen yogurt…  Of course, Mom would glare at me and my other sister for intruding, so we would go to our house..

Life sometimes just gets in the way of podcasting and i can’t make promises of doing better, i’m pretty much a slave to my Mom’s dementia and that’s how it is until she’s done…  but i will still try..