Indie Spotlight Monday: Cain Hill

This week on Indie Spotlight Monday, we look at Cain Hill. I found this one interesting, because this is promising a high production value, for a low budget. Film making is getting better these days, and they are only asking for a modest sum of 10,000 quid. I love the perks, as well. While some projects you have to give 500 or more to see your name in the credits, this one only requires 20 pounds (or about 27 dollars US). That’s a great deal, people! Anyways, check this project out, I love the premise, and the promises the film makers are telling us.

Plot from their Indiegogo:

When a group of filmmakers decide to investigate an abandoned Asylum famed for its mysterious disappearances they soon discover the truth is far more horrific than they could have ever imagined.

Micheal James Dean has a hit on his hands, promising to bring back the tension we loved in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street. Check it out, and please donate to this project.

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