INDIE SPOTLIGHT MONDAY: Voices in The Darkness

VOICES IN THE DARKNESS, independent horror short film project from Cynthia Pictures and Storm Moon Productions, written by Adam J. Morgan & Pippa Alice Stephens.  They are getting ready to do their crowdfunding page to raise monies to make this film. Another intriguing film project from the UK that needs our help in making it a reality.

“When the voices inside are as loud as those outside.”  

‘Voices in the Darkness’ is the story of life in a British mental institution in the 1940s. The cast is small but developed, and the locations are powerful yet limited. With no major stunts or need for large special effects, ‘Voices in the Darkness’ will be made with a relatively limited budget.
It tells the tale of Nurse Jean Wood who, in her late 20s, is working as a Nurse in Winter Hill Asylum, in Gloucester, England. Nurse Wood is being investigated by the Board of Control for some suspicious deaths that she had been present during that time.  Is she responsible or is she involved?
‘Voices’ will be the fourth film produced by Cynthia Pictures; following in the steps of ‘Rosemary’ and ‘The Life of Cynthia’ and the soon to be completed ‘Martha’.

Screenplay Written by Adam J Morgan & Pippa Alice Stephens.

Please check out their website and find out how you can help them out!


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