An Apology

The month of June has not been that great for EMZT Radio. So, I am taking a moment or two to explain what is going on. Bane has a family issue, and please keep her in your thoughts, she’s going through a VERY rough time. To respect her privacy, I won’t go to detail here, but if she wants to talk with you about it, you can ask her.

As for me, June is never an easy time. The day after Father’s Day is the remembrance of my best friend’s suicide. It’s never been easy for me, even 14 years later. It still hurts, and that wound is very slow to heal. So, there are times where I am beyond depressed, this mixed in with bipolar disorder is never a good mix. There comes times where I don’t even want to be alive. It’s an every day struggle.

We are sorry for the lack of podcasts this month, but life gets in the way on occasion. We both have “real” jobs, which makes our scheduling insane. We love all of you, and please remember, if you’ve ever been in the show, or you listen to the show on the regular, you are not just listeners or subjects of interviews, you are real friends, hell, most of you are family to us.

We just want to thank you for your paitence during this time, and we are working to have so many people in the show.

Thank you all. Love and noots

Matt “MJ” Jordan.

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