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May 2016

Indie Spotlight Monday: Popcorn Horror Festival



The Popcorn Frights Film Festival is coming! Three straight days of celebrating horror, oh and did I mention it’s in Miami? Yeah, like you needed another excuse to head down to Miami for some sun and fun, right?


Get in on this people. They’re looking for sponsors, with packages starting at a very inexpensive $300 (US). The event is August 12-14 at the O Cinema Wynwood Theater. Check this event out, and if you need to get away for the weekend, think about heading down to check this festival out.


Thanks to all of the fans’ support, TO HELL & BACK: THE KANE HODDER STORY has reached it’s $50,000 GOAL and over it!

They’ve changed the campaign to InDemand so that if there are people who missed out when the campaign ended, they can now get in on giving to the project and receive some cool perks!

Please go to the Indiegogo page and check out their new InDemand campaign, and pick out a cool perk that helps give to the project and to their cause for the Bothin Burn Center in San Francisco CA..




They are down to 1 day left of their Indiegogo campaign, please give to this cause, it not only gets Kane Hodder’s story told about his life & career, it also contributes to the Bothin Burn Center in San Francisco, where he was treated for his burns when he started his stuntman career!

They only need $5268 to reach their goal of $50,000



WE GAVE to this project because it does help a very worthy cause and plus it’s Kane Hodder!  The Ultimate Jason!

Weekly Rant: Ghostbusters, Sexism, and General WTFness



Full disclosure: I’m not a fan of Ghostbusters. Sure, if I need a laugh, and it’s on, I’ll watch it for a few minutes. It really just never got to me, unlike most kids that grew up in the 1980s. Don’t get me wrong, I like Harold Ramis’ writing, and Bill Murray is pure comedy gold.

Full disclosure 2: I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE reboots. To me, when you reboot something, or remake something, you’re just lazy. Again, that’s my opinion on ALL reboots/remakes. My god, how many times do we have to reboot “Spiderman,” before we just finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?!

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Indie Project Monday: Scares that Care

This project is something that is close to my heart. Scares that Care work with several other charities, including the “I Helped Kane” fund, that help childhood illness, breast cancer and childhood burns. The horror community is one that really does give back to our family when they are in pain. Just look over some of the stories that Scares that Care have helped through the years, some have almost nothing. For them, your donations are everything.

On July 22nd – 24th, Scares that Care will have their big weekend in Williamsburg, VA. If you can donate and attend, I advise you to do so. If not, try to give what you can to them. They are outstanding people, and your donations really do people those in need.