Indie Spotlight: Scythe

This week’s indie spotlight comes from another friend of ours, Jim Rothman. If you get nothing else out of this post, HE IS NOT MATT DAMON. 70d214018d4db4fd1e27e6d954ad7609_original <— see.


Anyways, Jim if the director, writer, and producer of the film that promises no more dumb cliches, just pure horror. Ok, I’m in.

This movie is called Scythe. It’s about a serial killer, known as the Grim Reaper Killer  who escapes from prison.


From the website,


On the week of prom night in Concord North Carolina, RONALD WADE, known as The Grim Reaper Killer, escaped a prison transport and breaks into a hardware store, surprising high school student EMILY JOHNSON, the store owner’s daughter. Under the cover of the store’s blackout, a hide-or-be killed cat and mouse game ensues, ending with several stab wounds to Emily’s back with a SCYTHE, the killer’s signature weapon.

A television left on breaks the news of the Grim Reaper’s escape and highlights his exploits, as he swings a scythe at Emily, beheading her. She is his latest victim. And his first mistake.

With prom cancelled and a mandatory curfew in effect, shy teen MEGAN MILLER is forced by her best friend KIM to meet with AMY, VICKY, REBECCA, and JENNIFER after hours at the abandoned pool for a party. At the pool party Megan opens up about her desire to be great, to be worthy of someone worth knowing. This confession leads the girls to bond and build a sisterhood to watch out for one another. Unbeknownst to them outside hovers the Grim Reaper Killer, targeting them as his newest victims.

When young, disgraced FBI AGENT CHRIS GIBSON is tasked with recapturing the killer he encounters the seasoned US MARSHAL JOHN DECKER. After a jurisdictional dispute the two begrudgingly join forces. While examine Emily’s body it is Agent Gibson that discovers the killer’s mistake: this is not the work of The Grim Reaper Killer. It is someone else…

Sounds like this is going to be one HELL of a film, we interview Jim this week on EMZT Radio (Sunday night at 8pm EST with replays at 10pm EST and Thursdays at 8 and 10 pm EST.)

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