Wyrmwood: the Road of the Dead


The most brilliant and original zombie movie EVER!

it’s even from Australia!  i do agree with the review line from Empire Magazine, “Mad Max Meets Dawn of the Dead”  and it even has their own version of a Murphy(Z Nation) who can control the zombies!!

the premise is that the zombie virus is airborne and those with A- blood type is immune..  so the local military soldiers are all wearing gas masks hooked to air tanks on their backs, ordered to round up survivors for their mobile lab unit..  the doctor in charge of the mobile lab is quite brilliant but he’s young and cocky and loves to sing and dance to classic dance tunes which he subjects his “patients” to..  he has fully turned zombies in the back of the truck as well as survivors, he injects huge syringe full of zombie blood into the back of the neck (i think he’s hitting the spinal cord by the way he’s downward injecting at the back of the neck) of the survivors to see what effects will happen and then after 5 doses of zombie blood, he takes brain samples from up the nose, killing the survivor, because he uses a drilling probe..  one patient he had kidnapped, Brooke, seems to be turned in to a Murphy, she’s able to control all zombies, and even gets the doctor turned into one as she coordinates the other zombies to free themselves and bite him, forcing him to free her..  she goes to search for her brother, who is also a survivor, Barry..

Barry has to kill his wife and little girl as they end up turning..  then he meets up with other survivors who find out that gas in vehicles no longer work, it’s like the flammable agent that fires into the engine is gone, but the zombies are now exhaling gas fumes and their blood has turned flammable..  so Barry and his new friends, Benny and Frank, convert a truck to where they have a zombie hooked to a gas mask that has a hose that connects to the engine, to get it to run..  Barry is looking for his sister Brooke..

while the military, configure their vehicles to exclusively run on electric volts running on a circuit that does not use gas..

it also is discovered that the zombies stop exhaling the gas at night, and they are using it for themselves, which makes them faster and stronger.

towards the end of the movie, you are rooting for the zombie army, and wanting them to kill and eat the soldiers, which they are led by Brooke, and Barry..  as they look for other survivors and kill the soldiers..

i highly recommend this movie!  it’s a new fresh concept for zombies and plus, who doesn’t love Australian road horror movies??


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