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January 2016

RIP, Horror Icon, Angus Scrimm; The Tall Man



Already the beginning of a new year, 2016, and our beloved horror legends of the screen are dropping like flies..  it saddens me so much that the horror genre is losing their great masters of horror..

Angus Scrimm(born Lawrence Rory Guy on August 19,1926) is known to horror fans as The Tall Man from PHANTASM movie series, he passed away on January 9, he passed away peacefully surrounded with his close friends and loved one, according to Don Coscarelli, the writer/director of PHANTASM.. he was 89..

In all the articles i’ve read about Angus, everyone had said what a sweet and caring man he was to everybody he worked with.  I got to meet him once at a Fangoria Convention, and he was just like someone’s grandfather, and i scared him.  I was wearing my horror contact lenses, it was kind of neat that i scared The Tall Man but then i felt bad because he gave me an autograph and then dismissed me quickly, because of my eyes.  He seemed like such a sweet old man, really thoughtful and had some great stories of his film career.  Of course, during the PHANTASM panel, someone asked him to do the Tall Man voice, “Boy!!”  it was a classic that had the whole room clapping loudly in response!

But all the fans will be happy to know, that he did get to do the Tall Man one last time, for PHANTASM: RAVAGER, release date is posted for sometime during 2016, possibly will be double billed with the newly 4K restoration of the original PHANTASM!

The Tall Man will be waiting for us on the Other Side…