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November 2015

POLTERGEIS 2015 Remake


MJ and I hate remakes of the classic movies!  most remakes take the movie and mangle the hell out of it making it sh!@#t!

when i saw that Poltergeist was on the remake list and was done, i was pissed..  number 1 because some of the actors of that 80s film are no longer alive and a remake in my opinion is sacrilege, even though with our new digital CGI and new makeup effects techniques, they can make something seem newer but it doesn’t mean it’s better than the original..

with the remake of Poltergeist, they used a new name for the family, the Bowens..  but they did use the same parts of the original story, like a very psychic child who talks to ghosts, her name is Maddie, an older sister who is a bit of a brat, Kendra, and the little brother, Griffin, who is afraid of everything because Mom had lost him 3 yrs ago in a mall..  he gets the attic room that has a skylight window on the ceiling, that an ancient willow tree hangs over, which drags him out of the roof..

Griffin was also attacked on his first night, not by just 1 creepy clown doll, but a whole box of bizarre looking clown dolls..  that was kinda creepy weird..

the only cool part of the movie was that we get to see what the other side looks like that Maddie gets pulled into, with modern technology, a small camera attached to a toy drone craft that Griffin pilots into the closet portal..  and when you hear her running through the house, we get to see her shadow on the walls as she’s running from something chasing her..   another cool part of the movie, was that Griffin felt responsible for Maddie being taken since he left her alone in her room while he ran away to hide, so he goes into the closet portal to find her and bring her back, before any of the adults could stop their arguing with each other..  i thought that was an even more touching thing to do and showed the adults that children are braver and just more determined than the adults to go into an unknown situation to bring back a loved one..

now a big problem with this movie was the scary scene when the ghosts come out of the TV..  in the original, there was a spectacular light effects that showed “the TV people” coming out of the TV and into the house and little CarolAnne, saying..  “They’re..  heeere..”  the remake had hands showing up on the TV screen where Maddie was touching the screen and then they disappeared and Maddie says as a simple statement, “they’re here”..  you didn’t see anything else except the mayhem that followed after that..  which was mostly like paranormal activity type of mischief on a bigger scale..

it just wasn’t as scary as the original..  or maybe i’m too much a fan of the original, but i did give it a chance..  granted with newer computer technologies and state of the art special effects, i feel that it didn’t help this movie..

RIP, Horror Icon original LeatherFace, Gunnar Hansen

GunnarHansen (1)

November 7, 2015 this amazing man passed away from pancreatic cancer..  the Horror Community lost another of its great icons, the one who played the Original LeatherFace, Gunnar Hansen..

 He was  born March 4, 1947, Reykjavik, Iceland and his family moved to the US when he was 5, they lived in Maine until he was 11 then they moved to Texas, where he went to high school  then he went to the University of Texas, where he majored in English and mathematics and then went to graduate school in Scandinavian Studies and English.  While in university he did do some theater work.  

In summer of 1973 he heard of Tobe Hooper and his crew working on a film near his town, so he decided to try for an audition.  After interviewing with Tober Hooper and Kim Henkel(writer of Texas Chainsaw Massacre) he got the part of LeatherFace.  To prepare for the role he visited children with special needs to study their mannerisms for the role of LeatherFace.

He wanted to pursue a writing career which he did write and edit for some magazines and he did write some books,  his nonfiction travel memoir, Islands at the Edge of Time, A journey to America’s Barrier Islands, was published in 1993, and in 2013 he wrote the nonfiction book Chain Saw Confidential, which focuses on the making and reception for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. In addition, he taught college as an adjunct instructor.

He was asked to reprise the role of Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), but declined, claiming that he was insulted by the idea of the original 1974 film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), being remade.

Even though he played one of the scariest serial killers of the screen, he was a very nice and gentle man to meet in person and was happy to talk to his fans about his work, i had the pleasure of meeting him at a Fangoria Convention in Los Angeles CA , April 2008, where he was most excited to share his work in the movie BRUTAL MASSACRE: A COMEDY..

i felt a kick in the chest when I saw the announcement of his passing, another Horror Great has left us..


Screambox, a horror lovers’ dream!!

Screambox is the most amazing online horror site ever!

at first they started off over a year ago, just with movies that you can only watch on your computer, but now they have upgraded to you can watch movies on your Xbox 360, iPad, Roku, PlayStation, Android tablets, Samsung Smart TVs, Kindle Fire TVs and more to come…  and it’s nothing but horror!!  they started off with independent films, some of which weren’t so bad, but now they are able to get some of the classic horrors and even some newer ones too!

they have broken up the horror into categories, Killers, Supernatural, Monsters, Psychological & Extreme..  which gives you a wide range of movies for whatever your kind of horror taste is..

they also let you have a free 30 day trial, to see if you like what they have to offer and then it’s only $3.99 a month!  what a deal!  i am a subscriber and i absolutely love the horror i receive if Netflix doesn’t have what i wanna watch..

so i recommend that you give Screambox a try, you get the first 30 days for free and if you don’t like it, you can cancel, but i know it’s worth keeping..  and no i am not getting paid to say this, even tho that would be cool to be a spokesghoul for Screambox!  i would love to have that job!!


Halloween Hangover

Bane & MJ talk about their Halloween night, they recap an interview with urban horror author Deno Sandz, who has a new audio verse project which he wrote for Halloween, and why horror fans make the best significant others..