the most horrific and disgusting movie..

Netflix just added to its list, The Human Centipede 3: The Final Sequence..  and of course, since i watched the other 2 movies and was disgusted but i was happy for the most original idea for movies, i had to watch this one too..

this movie was even more disgusting and horrific because the lead character played by Dieter Lasser, from the first movie, playing a completely vile german/american prison warden..  he was super paranoid about everything and everyone, he was hostile and super rude to the point of beyond being an asshole, he was sexually harassing his office receptionist(he had pre-scheduled times of when he would make her have sex with him and give him blowjobs), because of a deal that was made with her to release her father from prison..  personally there would be no way that i would work with that kind of a deal, and i would be reporting him for the overboard sexual harassment, which for sure he would go to prison for..

Laurence Harvey from the second movie, the little gross man who stapled together the centipede in that movie, is the warden’s accountant and assistant, who had the warden watch the centipede movies and he came up with the idea of making a prison size centipede to save on costs for food & housing and medical..  at first the warden wasn’t going for the idea..  he’s trying to be top dog and show the prisoners that he is in charge..  it’s pretty obvious that all the prisoners want to just tear apart the warden because they hate him so much..  Warden Bill Boss(Dieter Lasser) is convinced that since his grandfather in germany with a pig farm, who did castrations on the pigs to “calm them down”, the warden figured that this procedure would work on the prisoners..  he personally castrated one prisoner and had his testicles cooked for his lunch..  which made the accountant almost puke from the thought and me too..  ewwww..  and the castration procedure didn’t calm the prisoner down, it made him more violent because now he’s pissed for losing his “balls” to the warden, and is now more determined to rape and kill the warden..

the warden is so completely stressed for fear of his life at the hands of the prisoners, and losing his job by the governor, his blood pressure is 180/120..  which i’m not sure a person would be functioning at all with BP like that..  and because of the heat of the desert where the prison is located and the stress, the warden goes into bouts of hallucinations that the prisoners are death raping him..  he is losing his grip on his sanity which is obvious to all of his staff but they are afraid of him to do anything about it..  

Tom Six, the director,  makes an appearance in this movie as a consultant for the centipede procedure, in the warden’s office, that he claims that the procedure is actually medically correct and guarantees that it will work and he wanted to watch the procedure being done..

to watch this movie, i suggest that you have a bucket handy and you have a very strong fortitude to withstand the very disturbing, disgusting images of torture and rape and to be able to watch a character’s decent into insanity..  Tom Six outdid himself with this hopefully last centipede movie..  i applaud him for his most original idea for a movie, but damm..  they all turned my stomach..  the first 2 movies made me puke..  but the third one, just absolutely disgusted me..    that is a good writer/director..    Tom Six, you are brilliant!

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