MJ’s Top 10: Worst Parents in Horror 10 – 6

Welcome to MJ’s Top 10. This week, we look at the horrible, awful, no good, rotten parents in horror history. These parents prrrrobably should have had their kids taken from them.

10. Mommy and Daddy – The People Under the Stairs

They weren’t REALLY parents, hell, they were brother and sister! However, kidnapping children and forcing them to become cannibals is probably not the best showing of your parenting skills. Also, Daddy likes his gimp suit. I mean REALLY likes his gimp suit. ishot-1853

Move over Tate Langdon, here comes Daddy.

9. Lori Grimes (The Walking Dead)

Ok, I get it, your husband’s in a coma, and the zombie apocalypse has broken out. However, you start sleeping with and trying to make your husband’s BEST FRIEND your son’s new dad? It could be worse, but it’s in bad taste. Oh look, Rick’s out of his coma, and oh, did I mention that the guy you’re now sleeping with has a borderline psychotic crush on you?

If that wasn’t enough, you trusted DALE to babysit? Also, Carl freaks about a walker in the woods, but let’s forget…OH CRAP, WHERE’S CARL? Yes, Lori, WHERE’S CARL?! This was an annoying reoccurring theme in the first two seasons of The Walking Dead. Hell, Psycho Shane was a better parent. So, what’s the end game of all this?


Eventually, Carl got shot, and we trotted off to Hershel’s farm, where Rick eventually shoots and kills Shane. Season three saw Lori ACTUALLY try to become a parent, when she gets knocked up, but how ironic, Judith’s birth kills Lori, while Carl makes sure she doesn’t turn.

8. Grace Stewart (The Others)

It’s all about intentions, right? Grace’s intentions were okay, she did seemingly try to keep her kids away  from trouble. Oh, wait, I forgot to mention something about a Book of the Dead, then there were some pictures, then she just killed her kids. I’m going to say on the list of parenting skills, killing them is not on said list.

7. Harry Cooper (Night of the Living Dead)

Ok, as far as parenting goes, he wasn’t really that awful. At least we think. As far as being a human being, though, Harry was a huge jerk. We don’t know much about the Cooper’s backstory, but we know that Harry’s child was bit by a zombie. Even though I want to give Harry the benefit of the doubt, I’m going to say locking your child in a basement isn’t the best thing to do. Harry was an ass all the way through the movie, and gets his just desserts, when his child turns him near the end.

6. Mrs. Loomis (Scream 2)

In Scream, we find out that Billy Loomis was the serial killer. Kid was a wee bit messed up. So, of course, in the second one mommy has to take revenge, right? Of course, like in all sequels, we find out that Billy became a serial killer, because his mother abandoned him.

Join me tomorrow, when we look at the top 5 horrible parents in horror

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